Parent Partnership

A partnership is defined as a collaborative effort between parents and staff as equals.” (TCKS Charter)

Our unique partnership model of school governance gives us the ability to deliver a rich educational experience for children, adding both breadth and depth to a child’s education. The success and effectiveness of our partnership model is dependent upon the commitment, strength of character, and broad participation of all its partners.

We believe that parents are a child's first and most important teacher.  We also know that we build and sustain our school partnership model through mutual trust, respect, communication and responsibility.  

At the heart of any effective partnership is the sharing of a common vision. If two groups or individuals do not share the same goals, their efforts are not only divided, but may well be working against each other. Making an informed choice to join Traut Core Knowledge School is the first step in ensuring that this school partnership is the right match for each student, teacher and parent.

Parent Partners