Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is a program that focuses on... 

  • Team-style creative thinking and problem solving
  • Engineering/science challenges
  • Fun with friends from school
  • Student-led, parent-coached
  • Developing real-life communication and brainstorming skills
  • Rewarding creativity and taking calculated risks to solve complex problems

Traut has teams both competitive and non-competitive teams each year that participate in tournaments locally and often at the state and national level.

WE NEED A PARENT TO HELP GET OM BACK AT TRAUT!  If you are willing to help organize parent volunteers to create teams, please contact Belinda Nygaard at 970-488-7500 and let her know that you are interested.  


For more information regarding OM you can check out the state website at:


The main website can be viewed at: