Courtney Petros

4th Grade Teacher
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What I like about Traut is

Traut is truly an exceptional school. There are so many reasons to love the learning environment that has been created here! I absolutely love the Core Knowledge curriculum, especially the rich novels that we read in 4th grade. The staff is exceptionally professional and hands downs one of the best in Poudre School District! Teachers, students, and families work together to provide a safe, nurturing, academically rigorous, and enjoyable learning environment, and the character qualities we expect from everyone truly truly do have a lasting impact on our students' daily choices and interactions. I feel incredibly fortunate to call Traut my home.

Hobbies & Interests

My favorite way to spend time is with my sweet dog, Maya. She's a spoiled beagle dachshund mix who loves long walks, treats, and cuddling on the couch. 

I am also a fitness guru and love the outdoors! My second home is Raintree Athletic Club where I teach Body Pump as well has a high intensity interval training class called SPRINT. When I am not teaching or working at RAC, I enjoy SCUBA diving, hiking, mountaineering, skiing, snow shoeing, rock climbing, and ice climbing. Given my background in fitness, I also strive to include fitness breaks for students throughout the day so that they can truly focus on their learning and engage with the lessons rather than have to feel fidgety all day with no outlet. I have found these breaks for students to be truly rewarding for all of us! 

My favorite books and authors are

I have so many favorite authors and books, it would be nearly impossible to name them all here.

One of my favorite childrens' stories is Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch. My favorite 4th grade core novels are Pollyanna and Robin Hood. I loved the book Everything for a Dog by Ann M. Martin, and Poppy by Avi. 

One of my favorite adult novels is Following Atticus, a story about a man who climbed mountains with his dog - of course I loved it!

My favorite professional book is Mathematical Mindsets by Jo Boaler. It changed the way I talk to kids about math and I've had fantastic results with kids' growth in math. 

Favorite Quote

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." - Helen Keller

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear." - Jack Canfield

About My Classroom

Our classroom is a nurturing environment where every voice is valued and talking about our learning is integral to our growth. We share our thinking on a regular basis, ask lots and lots of questions, and we challenge ourselves everyday. Failure and mistakes are expected and respected, because we know that this is when the greatest learning happens. Expectations for students, parents, and myself are high with an emphasis on following the Traut Character Qualities. Students are never reprimanded in front of their peers, and we use a restorative justice approach to solve problems by acknowledging that everyone's perspective is important, necessary, and valuable. There is also an emphasis on caring for ourselves and our health by taking fitness breaks and eating healthy snacks. Students take an active role in their learning and even lead their own conference with parents and myself. 

Courses Taught

I teach all 4th grade subjects.