Governance Committees at Traut are the School Accountability Advisory Committee (SAAC), and the Site Based Management Committee (SBMC).  

The Site Based Management Council (SBMC) consists of the Parent Advisory Board (PAB) and the Teacher Advisory Board (TAB).  The PAB consists of seven members elected by the school parents. One of the seven PAB members may be an outside community member.  The TAB consists of the principal plus six members elected by the school staff.  One of the six TAB members may be a classified staff member.

Standing Committees at Traut:

Several standing committees have been established to support the Site Based Management Committee (SBMC) and carry out much of the work of operating our school.  Various ad-hoc committees are established as needed to work on special projects. Parents are encouraged to join one of many committees here at Traut. Most committees are chaired by a parent as well.