Welcome Back Open House

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Friday, August 17th, 2018

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year! it is exciting to be back at school and we invite all students and parents to our Welcome Back Open House on Thurs. Aug. 16

New Families meet with mentors at 5:30 and are invited to come to classrooms at 5:45

All Families invited 6:00-7:00


Parent partners are encouraged to park in the following places:

  • South of Harmony Park on Harvest Park Lane, Old Mill Road or Fruited Plains Lane.  It is a quick walk across the field to TCKS from there.
  • Sawhill Drive or Ridge Creek Road, southwest neighborhood from TCKS.  Sawhill Drive ends in a cul-de-sac with a sidewalk leading straight to TCKS.
  • We CAN park west of the condominiums on Timberwood Drive.  Please be aware of the No Parking signs and park WEST of the last sign.
  • We CAN park on both sides of Snow Mesa
  • There is an unnamed road south of the ER/Urgent Care on Snow Mesa.  We can park on both sides of that road.  There is a sidewalk from that road leading directly to Timberwood.
  • We can park in the parking lot of the Skin Clinic off the unnamed road mentioned above.
  • Preston parking lot



  • Timberwood Drive directly in front of Traut (No Parking signs are posted.)  Cars parked here will be ticketed by the FCPD!
  • Emergency Room/Urgent Care parking lot off Snow Mesa