What Every Parent Partner Needs to Know

Our Vision is educational excellence in knowledge, skills and character with strong parent-teacher-student partnerships.

Traut Core Knowledge School (TCKS) is a public school of choice within the Poudre School District that opened in September 1993. As a Core Knowledge school, TCKS is part of a network of schools across the country using a curriculum based on the Core Knowledge Sequence. The Core Knowledge Sequence is based on the premise that there is a specific core of knowledge that all students should learn while they are in elementary school. This core of knowledge is sequentially presented by grade level. The Core Knowledge FAQ explains some of the common questions about Core Knowledge.

1. TCKS at a Glance

2.  TCKS Parent Guide

3. TCKS Charter

4. TCKS Covenant

5. TCKS Door-to-Door Handbook of Character

6. TCKS Hand-in-Hand Guidebooks of School Partnerships

7. TCKS Character-Based Bullying Prevention and Education Program Parent Handbook

8. TCKS Traffic Guide /  Parking Lot Flow Map

9. TCKS 12 Character Qualities