Mission & Vision

Who We Are:

  • Traut Core Knowledge School (TCKS) is an “option” elementary school of choice established within Poudre School District (PSD) by Board of Education decision in April 1993.  Two other schools, Lab School for Creative Learning and the Harris Bilingual School, were approved by the same Board of Education action.
  • TCKS is a full three-track school, and, starting the 2009-2010 school year, maintains an enrollment of 468 students total in grades K-5.  TCKS also hosts an Early Childhood program.     

Our Vision and Mission: 

  • Our vision is educational excellence in knowledge, skills, and character with strong parent-teacher-student partnerships.
  • Our mission is to provide excellence and fairness in education for elementary school children.  Excellence in education means raising academic standards and achieving success for all students.  Fairness in education means providing equal opportunity to learn for all students.

Our Strategy:

To achieve our vision and mission, our parents, teachers, and students work together to promote these “five pillars,” built upon a foundation of choice, to define what TCKS stands for:

  1.       Core Knowledge Curriculum
  2.       Parent Partnership
  3.       Character Education
  4.       Student Responsibility for Learning
  5.       Mature Literacy