Founding Documents/Governance

It was determined that the school would be governed by a team of parents and staff members partnering together to form a Site Based Management Council.

Site-Based Management

Policy decisions are made at TCKS using a Site-Based Management Council (SBMC) consisting of a Parent Advisory Board (PAB) of seven members elected by the school parent body, and a Teacher Advisory Board (TAB) of seven members selected by the teaching staff. Ideas and input from the committee chairpersons are sought by both the PAB and TAB before making decisions that affect the school. Our joint PAB/TAB governance structure is unique in the Poudre School District. By its nature it requires substantial parental leadership, which is a central thesis to our Parent Partnership pillar.

In addition to the Site Based Management Council, committees were established to carry out much of the work of operating the school. The Standard Operating Procedures and other committee documents can be found under Committees of the Parent Partners tab.