BASE Camp’s vision is that our children achieve life-long success. Our mission is to be the choice provider of safe, affordable, accessible out-of-school-times childcare with enrichment services, aligned with the community schools.

To achieve our mission and vision, we offer programs to over 3,000 children annually at 35 elementary school sites throughout Larimer County, including a variety of activities and enrichment choices for children in grades K-7. Tuition assistance programs ensure that all families can afford our programs. Each site is unique to its staff and location. We focus on hiring quality staff who care for children by investing their personal passions into their programs. BASE Camp is not only a place to be, it’s a place to play, learn and grow. We hope you’ll consider joining the BASE Camp Family!


BASE Camp Basic Qs:

What are your hours of operation? At most schools, we are open 6:30 AM until the morning bell rings and from the afternoon bell until 6:00 PM.  A few schools do vary, so check with your location for details.

Where is your program? We host before and after school programs on-site at your elementary school! School Out Days (SOD) are hosted at one to three school locations, and Summer Camp is at one location.

What Ages/Grades do you serve? Before and after school and SOD programs are for Kindergarten through 5th graders. Summer Camp is available for K-8.

Do I have to have a set schedule? Drop-in is always an option in the morning, and for the afternoon, you can notify us via our web app or phone to drop in. A schedule is encouraged for the afternoons, because it helps us to plan better for staffing and activities.

Do I have to pay for the days I don’t use? Nope! Before and After School programs are paid on an as-used basis. We want to be flexible and make it easy for families to use our services. SODs and Summer Camp are pre-pay and have a specific refund policy.

What does a sample day look like?     


6:30-7:30am: Free play

7:30-7:50am: Gym time or activity 

7:50-8:05am: Coffee talk

8:05-8:20am: Breakfast or free time

8:20-8:25am: Clean up and dismissal for school  


3:05pm: Check in and greet kids

3:05-3:35pm: Snack and quiet time (this is the time for students to do homework and eat their afternoon snack, if they don't have homework to do then they may read or draw, as long as they are working quietly)

3:35-4:00pm: Free time in the flex room

4:00-4:45pm: Gym time or outdoor recess 

4:45-5:00pm: Town meeting

5:00-5:25pm: Group activity or craft

5:25-5:50pm: Free time

5:50-6:00pm: Clean up and get ready to go home!

What is an SOD? There are several days (usually 1-2 a month) throughout the year when the schools are out, but it is not a typical holiday for other industries, including winter break and spring break. BASE Camp offers all-day programming on these days, inclusive of all sorts of special activities, speakers, occasional field trips, etc. You must register for each of these days in advance, but it’s a quick and easy to do online or over the phone.

Can my child attend SOD if they do not attend the regular before and after school program? Yes – they just need to be registered with BASE Camp two days prior to the sign up deadline for the SOD.

Can my children attend BASE Camp at a school they don’t go to? Yes – you can call the office to walk through the steps of this scenario. BASE Camp is not responsible for transportation to/from another location, but you may choose to enroll at any location that is convenient for your family.

Will my kindergartner be in the same class as a 5th grader? Yes – one of the benefits of BASE Camp is the interaction between kids varying in age. Certain activities will be geared toward dividing the group, but generally, we promote older kids role modeling and helping younger kids. This also allows for families with siblings in the same school to be in the same program.

What are the qualifications of staff that run the BASE Camp program at my school? Each of our programs is licensed through the Colorado Department of Human Services. Every site has a Director who has a minimum of 960 hours of experience working with groups of children of 4 or larger since turning 18. They must be at least 21 years of age with a minimum of two years of post-secondary formal education, many have a four-year degree in relevant field. We also require a minimum of 15 hours of professional development each year and look for candidates with experience managing staff and planning and implementing programming for multi-aged groups. Our staff is the heart of our programs, and hiring the best staff is our goal. We know it’s the most important piece in creating great programs. Additionally, for every three sites, there is a Site Manager, who has experience as a Site Director and supports and oversees each site’s work. Learn more about licensing and staffing on our website at

How do I register? Registration is online at It opens in July prior to each school year. If you do not have access to a computer, you may visit our office to use one for setting up registration. Registration must be completed two business days prior to attendance. BASE Camp registration is separate from any other registrations (i.e. PSD, CCAP, etc.).

Is there a registration fee? There is a once per year registration fee, paid at the time of initial registration. Currently, the fee is $55 for one child or $65 for multiple children.

Do you accept CCAP (Colorado Childcare Assistance Program)? Yes – we are CCAP certified at all of our sites. Registration for CCAP does not take the place of registration for BASE Camp – you still need to complete our full registration to attend.

I’m not sure I can afford BASE Camp, what are my options? BASE Camp offers tuition assistance in a variety of ways. Our sliding fee scale (rates available online) allows any family to access reduced rates based on income-qualification. We also understand that other circumstances arise. If your only barrier is financial, we encourage you to call our office to be considered for a scholarship. We want every kid to have access to BASE Camp, so give us a chance to work with you on the details, if you need help.

When do I need to sign up to reserve my spot? Registration for before and after school programs opens in July. We do not have a maximum capacity – so your space is secure and you can register any time. We staff and build programs around registration and attendance at each school location.

For further details on our program, visit our website at Our Parent Handbook (which can be found online) has an extensive list of rules and procedures.